The Besen Centre is open - COVIDSafe Information for theatre patrons

The Besen Centre is fully equipped to handle an array of events, see the specifications below

Foyers, Bars and Box Office

The foyers are split onto two levels and are serviced by a licensed bar. A box office is located in the stalls foyer adjacent to the main entrance. The foyers are equipped with a lighting grid and are of a size to accommodate small performance pieces or musical items pre show.


The auditorium may be arranged in several ways to yield differing sizes. In its smaller configuration the Venue can seat 437, the next available size is 690 through to its maximum auditorium capacity of 924. In certain circumstances the Orchestra Pit can be lowered to allow for addtional space. This changes attracts an additional charge and is at the discretion of management.

Download the Full Seating Plan

The Physically Disabled

Seating in the stalls of the Venue (as marked on the seating plan on page 27) caters for the physically impaired. From this location same level access is possible to all stalls foyer services where a dedicated toilet for the physically impaired is located and access to the car park where spaces for the physically impaired are adjacent to the front doors. Back stage is all on one level with a toilet for the physically impaired and a physically impaired shower. Seating for the physically impaired is printed on the ticket returns of tickets supplied by TMS (see section 6.1 on page 18 of the contract).

Hearing impaired

The Venue has a Roger hearing loop system available to guests with hearing difficulties. The venue staff can assist with the setup and use of this device.

The Stage and Stage Equipment

The stage dimensions are as shown on the enclosed drawing. The stage includes an orchestra pit which, when fully utilised can accommodate up to 30 musicians. The stage surface is masonite painted matt black.

Forty-nine sets of single purchase, counter weight, fly lines are available to hang and fly lighting and cloths and built scenery. One of these sets is dedicated to the house curtain sixteen additional sets are used for lighting, masking and house cloths whilst two sets are utilised as panorama sets.

Musical Instruments and Equipment

The musical equipment within the Venue has been selected to cater for both stage and pit performances. The grand piano is limited to stage use whilst the upright is allotted to pit use but can also be used on stage.

Sound Equipment

A fully integrated Meyer sound system is included within the Venue, which utilises foldback in mono and stereo for the auditorium speaker systems.

Lighting Equipment

As with other equipment at the Venue the main lighting rig is included in the rent and this utilises:

Lighting equipment available to you during your hiring is as follows:

Further to the above equipment a moving light suite is available. This suite of equipment attracts an additional charge, which includes operator-programming time.

Projection equipment

The Venue is equipped for FullHD projection. The main vision mixer takes a variety of inputs. Inputs are available from both stage or control room. The projection equipment attracts an additional cost and the projected image is the responsibility of the hirer to supply.

Set Assembly and Storage

An area, as indicated on the enclosed plan, exists as set assembly and or storage. Scenery storage may be available between hiring dates with prior TMS approval.

Dressing Room Facilities

One seven-person dressing room and two twenty-person chorus rooms are available. All rooms contain a dressing room table with mirror and adjustable lighting for each position.

Rehearsal Room

A rehearsal room that is the same size as the acting area of the stage is located within the Venue. The room has all of the facilities that the stage has including a sprung dance floor and a lighting grid.

Green room

A green room for the use of the visiting company is supplied which includes kitchen facilities a hot water service, fridge and microwave.


Two visiting company offices are supplied for the exclusive use of the Hirer. These offices are equipped with a desk and chairs plus a telephone line to all of the areas within the building.

The Sponsors’ Lounge

The sponsors’ lounge is located at the rear of the stalls and has a panoramic viewing window to the stage. The room can cater for pre show, interval and post show entertainment for up to 22 people alternately the room can be used as a box increasing the theatre capacity by 10 persons. The room attracts an additional charge and catering is available upon request.

Toilet facilities

The stalls area contains six female toilets, two male toilets and urinal and a disabled toilet, which includes baby change facilities. The dress circle has two unisex toilets. In the back of house areas; the male toilets have two toilets, a urinal and one shower; The female bathrooms have three toilets and a shower and there is a disabled toilet and shower.

Car Parking

The car park can cater for up to 320 vehicles.

Temporary or Touring Power

A 160amp 3 phase power supply along with two 40 amp 3 phase power outlets are available for the connection of temporary and or touring equipment. Additional costs may apply for connectory to the 160amp feed.

Fire Protection and Emergency Evacuation System

The building is monitored by an extensive system of smoke detectors and is fully protected with sprinklers, fire hose reels and extinguishers. The system includes an emergency evacuation system that can operate manually but will also operate automatically if left for a predetermined time without intervention.