The Besen Centre is open - COVIDSafe Information for theatre patrons

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the technician operate the lighting, sound and curtains.

    The technician is their to assist you on the day of your event and if required can operate either lighting, sound or the flying system (curtains). As an operator is expected that he or she will operate under direction from your designer and or project manager

  2. Can I use my own tech crew?

    Yes of course you may but you will need to prove to us that they are competent to operate the equipment

  3. Do I have to use and pay for your ushers

    There have been some changes to our Usher Policy. Please get in contact with the venue manager to discuss these changes and how they effect your event.

  4. Do I get to use the whole building when I hire the centre?

    Generally speaking yes with the main exception being the Sponsors Lounge, which attracts an additional charge (POA). The venue manager can provide more details.

  5. Can I run a canteen or bar service for the audience at interval or before the show?


  6. Am I allowed to sell merchandising in the foyer

    If the merchandising is directly connected to the event being held on stage, such as a programme, then yes. However if the merchandising is generally supportive of the act i.e. a CD or book about the performers and not the performance then no unless a percentage levy of the takings is paid to the venue for use of the foyer as a retail space.

  7. Is the venue disabled friendly?

    Yes the venue is equipped with facilities to support the disabled patron from wheel chair access to hard of hearing loop systems.

  8. Will I have the same venue staff throughout my hiring?

    Yes when we a lot technical staff to a particular event they remain with that event

  9. Do I have to pay additional money to use certain facilities?

    When you hire the besen centre the rent is all encompassing and include the sound and lighting systems, musical and mechanical equipment and the spaces. The only additional charges would be if you requested us to hire something for you that we don’t have or if you use some consumable stock i.e. Colour, Lamps, Tape, Etc.

  10. Do I have to clean the venue when our performance is over?

    No the venue will already have arranged for that and the price of cleaning is included in the rent

  11. Can I place advertising for my event in the foyer or in the grounds

    Only in the foyer and only on the day of you’re events

  12. Is there somewhere I can sell tickets from for our event

    There is a box office that you may use for the duration of your hiring

  13. Can I video the event

    If you are the hirer you may video you’re event. If you contract the videoing to a third party who you will be paying a fee to then they are required to enter in to a zero dollar contract with the venue. This contract simply ensures that they understand what we expect from them and what we will supply to them and that they have all relevant insurance covers in place.